John Smit
Full names: John William
Date of birth: 3 Apr 1978
Place of birth: Pietersburg
School: Pretoria Boys High
Springbok no: 691
Debut test province: Sharks
Physical: 1.88m, 116kg
Current age: 43

Test summary: Tests: 111 Tries: 8
First Test: 10 Jun 2000 Age:22 Reserve against Canada at Basil Kenyon Stadium, East London
Last Test: 9 Oct 2011 Age:33 Hooker against Australia at WestPac Stadium, Wellington
Test history:
10 Jun 200022ReserveCanadaWin: 51-18 Basil Kenyon Stadium, East LondonSharks
08 Jul 200022ReserveAustraliaLose: 23-44 Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome), MelbourneSharks
22 Jul 200022ReserveNew ZealandLose: 12-25 Lancaster Park (Jade stadium), ChristchurchSharks
29 Jul 200022ReserveAustraliaLose: 6-26 Stadium Australia, SydneySharks
19 Aug 200022ReserveNew ZealandWin: 46-40 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
26 Aug 200022ReserveAustraliaLose: 18-19 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
12 Nov 200022HookerArgentinaWin: 37-33 River Plate, Buenos AiresSharks
19 Nov 200022HookerIrelandWin: 28-18 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinSharks
26 Nov 200022HookerWalesWin: 23-13 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
02 Dec 200022HookerEnglandLose: 17-25 Twickenham, LondonSharks
16 Jun 200123HookerFranceLose: 23-32 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
23 Jun 200123HookerFranceWin: 20-15 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
30 Jun 200123HookerItalyWin: 60-14 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethSharks
21 Jul 200123ReserveNew ZealandLose: 3-12 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
28 Jul 200123ReserveAustraliaWin: 20-15 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
18 Aug 200123ReserveAustraliaDraw: 14-14 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
25 Aug 200123ReserveNew ZealandLose: 15-26 Eden Park, AucklandSharks
10 Nov 200123ReserveFranceLose: 10-20 Stade de France, ParisSharks
17 Nov 200123HookerItalyWin: 54-261 tryLuigi Ferraris Stadium, GenoaSharks
24 Nov 200123HookerEnglandLose: 9-29 Twickenham, LondonSharks
01 Dec 200123ReserveUSAWin: 43-20 Robertson Stadium, UH, HoustonSharks
11 Oct 200325ReserveUruguayWin: 72-6 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
18 Oct 200325ReserveEnglandLose: 6-25 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
24 Oct 200325Hooker (C)GeorgiaWin: 46-19 Aussie Stadium (SFG), SydneySharks
01 Nov 200325HookerSamoaWin: 60-10 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneSharks
08 Nov 200325HookerNew ZealandLose: 9-29 Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome), MelbourneSharks
12 Jun 200426Hooker (C)IrelandWin: 31-17 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinSharks
19 Jun 200426Hooker (C)IrelandWin: 26-17 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
26 Jun 200426Hooker (C)WalesWin: 53-181 tryLoftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
17 Jul 200426Hooker (C)Pacific IslandsWin: 38-24 Central Coast Stadium, GosfordSharks
24 Jul 200426Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 21-23 Lancaster Park (Jade stadium), ChristchurchSharks
31 Jul 200426Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 26-30 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
14 Aug 200426Hooker (C)New ZealandWin: 40-26 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
21 Aug 200426Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 23-19 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
06 Nov 200426Hooker (C)WalesWin: 38-36 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
13 Nov 200426Hooker (C)IrelandLose: 12-17 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinSharks
20 Nov 200426Hooker (C)EnglandLose: 16-32 Twickenham, LondonSharks
27 Nov 200426Hooker (C)ScotlandWin: 45-10 Murrayfield, EdinburghSharks
04 Dec 200426Hooker (C)ArgentinaWin: 39-7 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos AiresSharks
11 Jun 200527Hooker (C)UruguayWin: 134-3 Basil Kenyon Stadium, East LondonSharks
18 Jun 200527Hooker (C)FranceDraw: 30-30 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
25 Jun 200527Hooker (C)FranceWin: 27-13 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethSharks
09 Jul 200527Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 12-30 Stadium Australia, SydneySharks
23 Jul 200527Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 33-20 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
30 Jul 200527Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 22-16 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
06 Aug 200527Hooker (C)New ZealandWin: 22-16 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
20 Aug 200527Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 22-19 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
27 Aug 200527Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 27-31 Carisbrook, DunedinSharks
05 Nov 200527Hooker (C)ArgentinaWin: 34-23 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos AiresSharks
19 Nov 200527Hooker (C)WalesWin: 33-16 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
26 Nov 200527Hooker (C)FranceLose: 20-26 Stade de France, ParisSharks
10 Jun 200628Hooker (C)ScotlandWin: 36-16 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
17 Jun 200628Hooker (C)ScotlandWin: 29-15 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethSharks
24 Jun 200628Hooker (C)FranceLose: 26-36 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
15 Jul 200628Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 0-49 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneSharks
22 Jul 200628Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 17-35 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
05 Aug 200628Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 18-20 Stadium Australia, SydneySharks
26 Aug 200628Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 26-45 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
02 Sep 200628Hooker (C)New ZealandWin: 21-20 Royal Bafokeng Stadium, RustenburgSharks
09 Sep 200628Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 24-16 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
11 Nov 200628Hooker (C)IrelandLose: 15-32 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinSharks
18 Nov 200628Hooker (C)EnglandLose: 21-23 Twickenham, LondonSharks
25 Nov 200628Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 25-14 Twickenham, LondonSharks
26 May 200729Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 58-10 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinSharks
02 Jun 200729Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 55-22 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
09 Jun 200729Hooker (C)SamoaWin: 35-81 tryEllispark, JohannesburgSharks
16 Jun 200729Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 22-19 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
09 Sep 200729Hooker (C)SamoaWin: 59-7 Parc des Princes, ParisSharks
14 Sep 200729Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 36-0 Stade de France, ParisSharks
22 Sep 200729ReserveTongaWin: 30-25 Stade Felix Bollaert, LensSharks
30 Sep 200729Hooker (C)USAWin: 64-15 Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierSharks
07 Oct 200729Hooker (C)FijiWin: 37-201 tryStade Velodrome, MarseillesSharks
14 Oct 200729Hooker (C)ArgentinaWin: 37-13 Stade de France, ParisSharks
20 Oct 200729Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 15-6 Stade de France, ParisSharks
24 Nov 200729Hooker (C)WalesWin: 34-12 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
07 Jun 200830Hooker (C)WalesWin: 43-17 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinClermont
14 Jun 200830Hooker (C)WalesWin: 37-21 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaClermont
05 Jul 200830Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 8-19 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
08 Nov 200830Tight-head Prop (C)WalesWin: 20-15 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
15 Nov 200830Tight-head Prop (C)ScotlandWin: 14-10 Murrayfield, EdinburghSharks
22 Nov 200830Hooker (C)EnglandWin: 42-6 Twickenham, LondonSharks
20 Jun 200931Tight-head Prop (C)BritainWin: 26-211 tryKingspark, DurbanSharks
27 Jun 200931Tight-head Prop (C)BritainWin: 28-25 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
04 Jul 200931Tight-head Prop (C)BritainLose: 9-28 Ellispark, JohannesburgSharks
25 Jul 200931Tight-head Prop (C)New ZealandWin: 28-19 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinSharks
01 Aug 200931Tight-head Prop (C)New ZealandWin: 31-19 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
08 Aug 200931Tight-head Prop (C)AustraliaWin: 29-17 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
29 Aug 200931Tight-head Prop (C)AustraliaWin: 32-25 Subiaco Oval, PerthSharks
05 Sep 200931Tight-head Prop (C)AustraliaLose: 6-21 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneSharks
12 Sep 200931Tight-head Prop (C)New ZealandWin: 32-29 Waikato Stadium, HamiltonSharks
13 Nov 200931Tight-head Prop (C)FranceLose: 13-201 tryStade Municipal, ToulouseSharks
21 Nov 200931Tight-head Prop (C)ItalyWin: 32-10 Stadio Friuli, UdineSharks
28 Nov 200931Hooker (C)IrelandLose: 10-15 Croke Park, DublinSharks
05 Jun 201032Hooker (C)WalesWin: 34-31 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffSharks
12 Jun 201032Hooker (C)FranceWin: 42-17 Newlands, Cape TownSharks
26 Jun 201032Hooker (C)ItalyWin: 55-11 Basil Kenyon Stadium, East LondonSharks
10 Jul 201032Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 12-32 Eden Park, AucklandSharks
17 Jul 201032Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 17-31 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
24 Jul 201032Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 13-30 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneSharks
21 Aug 201032Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 22-29 National Stadium, JohannesburgSharks
28 Aug 201032Hooker (C)AustraliaWin: 44-31 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaSharks
04 Sep 201032Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 39-41 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinSharks
23 Jul 201133Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 20-391 tryStadium Australia, SydneySharks
30 Jul 201133Hooker (C)New ZealandLose: 7-401 tryWestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
13 Aug 201133Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 9-14 Kingspark, DurbanSharks
20 Aug 201133ReserveNew ZealandWin: 18-5 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port ElizabethSharks
11 Sep 201133Hooker (C)WalesWin: 17-16 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
17 Sep 201133Hooker (C)FijiWin: 49-3 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks
22 Sep 201133Hooker (C)NamibiaWin: 87-0 North Harbour Stadium, North Shore CitySharks
30 Sep 201133ReserveSamoaWin: 13-5 North Harbour Stadium, North Shore CitySharks
09 Oct 201133Hooker (C)AustraliaLose: 9-11 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonSharks

John Smit :

John Smit is the South Africa captain and inspirational hooker who memorably led his side to the sport's biggest prize at the 2007 World Cup in France.

South Africa's most-capped captain has anchored the Springboks' scrum more times than any other player, is his country's most-capped forward and also appeared in a record 46 consecutive Test matches between 2003 and 2007. Nick Mallett, his former coach, handed a 22-year-old Smit his international debut against Canada on 10 June 2000, using him as a replacement in the Springboks' comprehensive 51-18 victory.

Smit retained his place in the squad throughout that year's Tri-Nations campaign and was finally given his first start against Argentina on 12 November 2000. The gamble to throw Smit into the cauldron of the River Plate Stadium - packed with 60,000 fans - paid off with his hooker delivering an accomplished performance.

Smit held onto the No.2 shirt throughout the end-of-year tour to Europe and for the incoming tours the following year but was displaced for the 2001 Tri-Nations.

Although he remained part of the squad until the end of the year, scoring his first Test try against Italy, he dropped out of the international picture for the following 18 months with a recurring shoulder injury. The next South Africa coach, Rudolf Straeuli, recalled him to their squad for the 2003 World Cup.

He featured in all five matches in Australia and became the 51st player to captain the Springboks in the 46-19 win over Georgia on 24 October.

Jake White was appointed as the new Springboks' coach in early 2004 and he handed Smit the captaincy on a permanent basis. The two immediately struck up a winning partnership with South Africa clinching their first Tri-Nations crown since 1998.

Smit went on to play a South African record of 46 consecutive Test matches between 2003 and 2007 before his run was cruelly cut short ahead of the Tri-Nations clash with New Zealand in Durban by injury.

That year began well for Smit and the Springboks with two crushing victories over England but Tri-Nations disappointment followed. But the World Cup brought redemption with Smit featuring in all seven victories, culminating with the 15-6 final triumph over England at the Stade de France in Paris.

In the first game of the 2008 Tri-Nations Smit was the victim of a spear tackle from New Zealand's Brad Thorn. That tackle, and a subsequent groin injury, brought a premature end to his campaign.

Smit has played all his provincial rugby in South Africa for the Sharks with whom he was a beaten finalist in the 2001 Super 12 competition where they lost out to the Brumbies. In 2006, Smit was captain of the Sharks side that were beaten by South African rivals the Bulls in the final of the 2007 super 14 competition.

In the run-up to the 2007 Rugby World Cup Smit was linked with a lucrative move to French Top 14 club ASM Clermont Montferrand. When his move was confirmed after the Rugby World Cup the South African Rugby Union made the unprecedented decision that Smit would retain the Springboks captaincy.

Smit made only a few appearances for his new club but featured as a replacement in the Top 14 Final defeat to Toulouse. After just one year in France, Smit re-signed with Natal and the Sharks in South Africa.

At the end of 2008, he bounced back from his injury woes to lead South Africa on an undefeated tour of the UK with victories over Wales, Scotland and most memorably England - condemning them to their biggest-ever defeat at Twickenham. Following the end of the Springboks tour, Smit captained the Barbarians in their 18-12 loss to Australia at Wembley Stadium.

In 2009 Smit led the Springboks to a 2-1 series victory over the British & Irish Lions. He scored a try after four minutes in the narrow 26-21 win over the tourists in the first Test in Durban and played in all three matches in the series.