Moaner van Heerden
Full names: Johannes Lodewikus
Date of birth: 18 Jul 1951
Place of birth: Pretoria
School: Langenhoven
Springbok no: 474
Debut test province: Northern Transvaal
Physical: 1.95m, 104.3kg
Current age: 70

Test summary: Tests: 17 Tries: 1
First Test: 13 Jul 1974 Age:22 Lock against Britain at Boet Erasmus, Port Elizabeth
Last Test: 8 Nov 1980 Age:29 Lock against France at Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria
Test history:
13 Jul 197422LockBritainLose: 9-26 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethN-Tvl
27 Jul 197423LockBritainDraw: 13-13 Ellispark, JohannesburgN-Tvl
23 Nov 197423LockFranceWin: 13-4 Stade Municipal, ToulouseN-Tvl
30 Nov 197423LockFranceWin: 10-8 Parc des Princes, ParisN-Tvl
21 Jun 197523LockFranceWin: 38-25 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinN-Tvl
28 Jun 197523LockFranceWin: 33-18 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaN-Tvl
24 Jul 197625LockNew ZealandWin: 16-7 Kingspark, DurbanN-Tvl
14 Aug 197625LockNew ZealandLose: 9-15 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinN-Tvl
04 Sep 197625LockNew ZealandWin: 15-10 Newlands, Cape TownN-Tvl
18 Sep 197625LockNew ZealandWin: 15-14 Ellispark, JohannesburgN-Tvl
27 Aug 197726LockWorld InvitationWin: 45-24 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaN-Tvl
31 May 198028LockBritainWin: 26-221 tryNewlands, Cape TownTvl
28 Jun 198028LockBritainWin: 12-10 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethTvl
12 Jul 198028LockBritainLose: 13-17 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaTvl
18 Oct 198029LockSouth AmericaWin: 22-13 Wanderers Club, MontevideoN-Tvl
25 Oct 198029LockSouth AmericaWin: 30-16 Prince of Wales Country Club, SantiagoN-Tvl
08 Nov 198029LockFranceWin: 37-15 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaN-Tvl

Moaner van Heerden : Doc Craven

I am delighted to place Moaner van Heerden among the Springbok legends. Here was a "toughie", a rough diamond. People used to maintain that he was a dirty player. I would say he was robust rather than dirty. I spoke to him after he had been selected to play for South Africa and said: "Moaner, cut out your nonsense - don't mix it."

He said: "Doc, if you ask me, I won't lift a hand, I won't lift a foot. I said: "That is what I want".

And he replied: "Doc, you have my word." And he kept his promise, despite a fair amount of provocation.

To have a man like Moaner on your side was to know that you were safe, safe in the line-outs as well as in other facets of forward play, because he was so strong. He was also fast, he could handle and he could burst through a stone wall when properly motivated.

He was a real character, and I admit having a special place for him in my heart.