Victor Matfield
Full names: Victor
Date of birth: 11 May 1977
Place of birth: Pietersburg
School: Pietersburg
Springbok no: 705
Debut test province: Blue Bulls
Physical: 2m, 115kg
Current age: 38

Test summary: Tests: 123 Tries: 7
First Test: 30 Jun 2001 Age:24 Reserve against Italy at Boet Erasmus, Port Elizabeth
Last Test: 15 Aug 2015 Age:38 Lock against Argentina at Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires
Test history:
30 Jun 200124ReserveItalyWin: 60-14 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
21 Jul 200124LockNew ZealandLose: 3-12 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
18 Aug 200124LockAustraliaDraw: 14-14 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
25 Aug 200124LockNew ZealandLose: 15-26 Eden Park, AucklandBlue Bulls
10 Nov 200124LockFranceLose: 10-20 Stade de France, ParisBlue Bulls
17 Nov 200124LockItalyWin: 54-261 tryLuigi Ferraris Stadium, GenoaBlue Bulls
24 Nov 200124LockEnglandLose: 9-29 Twickenham, LondonBlue Bulls
01 Dec 200124LockUSAWin: 43-20 Robertson Stadium, UH, HoustonBlue Bulls
08 Jun 200225LockWalesWin: 34-191 tryFree State Stadium, BloemfonteinBlue Bulls
06 Jul 200225LockSamoaWin: 60-181 tryLoftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
20 Jul 200225LockNew ZealandLose: 20-41 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
27 Jul 200225LockAustraliaLose: 27-38 Wooloongabba, BrisbaneBlue Bulls
10 Aug 200225ReserveNew ZealandLose: 23-30 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
07 Jun 200326LockScotlandWin: 29-25 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
14 Jun 200326LockScotlandWin: 28-19 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
28 Jun 200326LockArgentinaWin: 26-25 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
12 Jul 200326LockAustraliaWin: 26-221 tryNewlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
19 Jul 200326LockNew ZealandLose: 16-52 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
02 Aug 200326LockAustraliaLose: 9-29 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
09 Aug 200326LockNew ZealandLose: 11-19 Carisbrook, DunedinBlue Bulls
11 Oct 200326LockUruguayWin: 72-6 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
18 Oct 200326LockEnglandLose: 6-25 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
01 Nov 200326LockSamoaWin: 60-10 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
08 Nov 200326LockNew ZealandLose: 9-29 Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome), MelbourneBlue Bulls
12 Jun 200427LockIrelandWin: 31-17 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinBlue Bulls
19 Jun 200427LockIrelandWin: 26-17 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
26 Jun 200427LockWalesWin: 53-18 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
14 Aug 200427LockNew ZealandWin: 40-26 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
21 Aug 200427LockAustraliaWin: 23-191 tryKingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
06 Nov 200427LockWalesWin: 38-36 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
13 Nov 200427LockIrelandLose: 12-17 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinBlue Bulls
20 Nov 200427LockEnglandLose: 16-32 Twickenham, LondonBlue Bulls
27 Nov 200427LockScotlandWin: 45-10 Murrayfield, EdinburghBlue Bulls
04 Dec 200427LockArgentinaWin: 39-7 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos AiresBlue Bulls
18 Jun 200528LockFranceDraw: 30-30 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
25 Jun 200528LockFranceWin: 27-13 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
09 Jul 200528LockAustraliaLose: 12-30 Stadium Australia (Telstra), SydneyBlue Bulls
23 Jul 200528LockAustraliaWin: 33-20 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
30 Jul 200528LockAustraliaWin: 22-16 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
06 Aug 200528LockNew ZealandWin: 22-16 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
20 Aug 200528LockAustraliaWin: 22-19 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
27 Aug 200528LockNew ZealandLose: 27-31 Carisbrook, DunedinBlue Bulls
05 Nov 200528LockArgentinaWin: 34-23 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos AiresBlue Bulls
19 Nov 200528LockWalesWin: 33-16 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
26 Nov 200528LockFranceLose: 20-26 Stade de France, ParisBlue Bulls
10 Jun 200629LockScotlandWin: 36-16 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
17 Jun 200629LockScotlandWin: 29-15 Boet Erasmus, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
24 Jun 200629LockFranceLose: 26-36 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
15 Jul 200629LockAustraliaLose: 0-49 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
22 Jul 200629LockNew ZealandLose: 17-35 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
05 Aug 200629LockAustraliaLose: 18-20 Stadium Australia (Telstra), SydneyBlue Bulls
26 Aug 200629LockNew ZealandLose: 26-45 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
02 Sep 200629LockNew ZealandWin: 21-20 Royal Bafokeng Stadium, RustenburgBlue Bulls
09 Sep 200629LockAustraliaWin: 24-16 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
26 May 200730LockEnglandWin: 58-10 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinBlue Bulls
02 Jun 200730LockEnglandWin: 55-22 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
16 Jun 200730LockAustraliaWin: 22-19 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
23 Jun 200730Lock (C)New ZealandLose: 21-26 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
15 Aug 200730Lock (C)NamibiaWin: 105-13 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
25 Aug 200730Lock (C)ScotlandWin: 27-3 Murrayfield, EdinburghBlue Bulls
09 Sep 200730LockSamoaWin: 59-7 Parc des Princes, ParisBlue Bulls
14 Sep 200730LockEnglandWin: 36-0 Stade de France, ParisBlue Bulls
22 Sep 200730ReserveTongaWin: 30-25 Stade Felix Bollaert, LensBlue Bulls
30 Sep 200730LockUSAWin: 64-15 Stade de la Mosson, MontpellierBlue Bulls
07 Oct 200730LockFijiWin: 37-20 Stade Velodrome, MarseillesBlue Bulls
14 Oct 200730LockArgentinaWin: 37-13 Stade de France, ParisBlue Bulls
20 Oct 200730LockEnglandWin: 15-6 Stade de France, ParisBlue Bulls
07 Jun 200831ReserveWalesWin: 43-17 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinToulon
14 Jun 200831LockWalesWin: 37-21 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaToulon
21 Jun 200831Lock (C)ItalyWin: 26-0 Newlands, Cape TownToulon
05 Jul 200831LockNew ZealandLose: 8-19 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
12 Jul 200831Lock (C)New ZealandWin: 30-28 Carisbrook, DunedinBlue Bulls
19 Jul 200831Lock (C)AustraliaLose: 9-16 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
09 Aug 200831Lock (C)ArgentinaWin: 63-9 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
16 Aug 200831Lock (C)New ZealandLose: 0-19 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
23 Aug 200831Lock (C)AustraliaLose: 15-27 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
30 Aug 200831Lock (C)AustraliaWin: 53-8 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
08 Nov 200831LockWalesWin: 20-15 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
15 Nov 200831LockScotlandWin: 14-10 Murrayfield, EdinburghBlue Bulls
22 Nov 200831LockEnglandWin: 42-6 Twickenham, LondonBlue Bulls
20 Jun 200932LockBritainWin: 26-21 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
27 Jun 200932LockBritainWin: 28-25 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
04 Jul 200932LockBritainLose: 9-28 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
25 Jul 200932LockNew ZealandWin: 28-19 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinBlue Bulls
01 Aug 200932LockNew ZealandWin: 31-19 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
08 Aug 200932LockAustraliaWin: 29-171 tryNewlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
29 Aug 200932LockAustraliaWin: 32-25 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
05 Sep 200932LockAustraliaLose: 6-21 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
12 Sep 200932LockNew ZealandWin: 32-29 Waikato Stadium, HamiltonBlue Bulls
13 Nov 200932LockFranceLose: 13-20 Stade Municipal, ToulouseBlue Bulls
21 Nov 200932ReserveItalyWin: 32-10 Stadio Friuli, UdineBlue Bulls
28 Nov 200932LockIrelandLose: 10-15 Croke Park, DublinBlue Bulls
05 Jun 201033LockWalesWin: 34-31 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
12 Jun 201033LockFranceWin: 42-17 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
19 Jun 201033Lock (C)ItalyWin: 29-13 Puma Stadium, WitbankBlue Bulls
10 Jul 201033LockNew ZealandLose: 12-32 Eden Park, AucklandBlue Bulls
17 Jul 201033LockNew ZealandLose: 17-31 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
24 Jul 201033LockAustraliaLose: 13-30 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
21 Aug 201033LockNew ZealandLose: 22-29 National Stadium, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
28 Aug 201033LockAustraliaWin: 44-31 Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaBlue Bulls
04 Sep 201033LockAustraliaLose: 39-41 Free State Stadium, BloemfonteinBlue Bulls
06 Nov 201033Lock (C)IrelandWin: 23-21 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinBlue Bulls
13 Nov 201033Lock (C)WalesWin: 29-251 tryMillenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
20 Nov 201033Lock (C)ScotlandLose: 17-21 Murrayfield, EdinburghBlue Bulls
27 Nov 201033Lock (C)EnglandWin: 21-11 Twickenham, LondonBlue Bulls
13 Aug 201134LockAustraliaLose: 9-14 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
20 Aug 201134Lock (C)New ZealandWin: 18-5 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
11 Sep 201134LockWalesWin: 17-16 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
30 Sep 201134Lock (C)SamoaWin: 13-5 North Harbour Stadium, North Shore CityBlue Bulls
09 Oct 201134LockAustraliaLose: 9-11 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
14 Jun 201437Lock (C)WalesWin: 38-16 Kingspark, DurbanBlue Bulls
21 Jun 201437Lock (C)WalesWin: 31-30 Mbombela Stadium, NelspruitBlue Bulls
28 Jun 201437Lock (C)ScotlandWin: 55-6 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port ElizabethBlue Bulls
06 Sep 201437LockAustraliaLose: 23-24 Subiaco Oval, PerthBlue Bulls
13 Sep 201437LockNew ZealandLose: 10-14 WestPac Stadium, WellingtonBlue Bulls
27 Sep 201437LockAustraliaWin: 28-10 Newlands, Cape TownBlue Bulls
04 Oct 201437LockNew ZealandWin: 27-25 Ellispark, JohannesburgBlue Bulls
08 Nov 201437LockIrelandLose: 15-29 Aviva Stadium (Lansdowne Road), DublinBlue Bulls
15 Nov 201437LockEnglandWin: 31-28 Twickenham, LondonBlue Bulls
22 Nov 201437LockItalyWin: 22-6 Stadio Euganeo, PaduaBlue Bulls
29 Nov 201437LockWalesLose: 6-12 Millenium Stadium (Cardiff Arms Park), CardiffBlue Bulls
18 Jul 201538Lock (C)AustraliaLose: 20-24 Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park), BrisbaneBlue Bulls
15 Aug 201538Lock (C)ArgentinaWin: 26-12 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos AiresBlue Bulls

Top 50 Boks: 5 – Victor Matfield :

Victor Matfield is regarded as the best lock in the world and has been a key figure for South Africa since making his international debut off the replacements bench against Italy on June 30, 2001.

A meticulous student of the game, Matfield spends hours analysing the opposition. Unrivalled in his role of lineout kingpin, he almost always wins his own lineout ball and is a master at disrupting opposition lineouts.

Matfield is the most capped lock in Springbok history as well as the third most capped Springbok of all-time (92) and along with Bulls and Boks teammate Bakkies Botha holds the World record for most Tests as a starting lock combination (54).

He is also a natural leader who has captained South Africa in 10 Tests. By the time the 2003 World Cup kicked off in Australia, Matfield had cemented his place in the second row. He played an integral role in the Springboks’ Tri-Nations winning campaign under Jake White in 2004 and scored the SuperSport Try of the Year in the Test against Australia in Durban.

In 2007, Matfield became the 52nd Springbok captain when he led South Africa out against archrivals New Zealand in the Tri-Nations clash in Durban. He was an obvious selection for the Springbok World Cup squad later in the year and won the Man of the Match award for his faultless performance in South Africa’s 15-6 victory over England in the final.

The following year he became the first international captain to lead his side to victory over the All Blacks in New Zealand since England’s Martin Johnson in 2003. The thrilling 30-28 win was the Springboks’ first ever victory in Carisbrook and ended a 10-year drought on New Zealand soil.

Matfield’s brilliance once again came to the fore in the 2009 British & Irish Lions series when he outclassed Lions skipper Paul O’Connell and helped propel the Boks to a thrilling series win. Later that year he won his second Tri-Nations winners’ medal as South Africa dominated their Australasian foes.

Matfield has also enjoyed great success at provincial level. To date he has won the Currie Cup on three occasions and led the Bulls to two Super 14 titles.


  • Captained the Springboks in 10 Tests
  • SA Player of the Year nominee, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009
  • SuperSport Try of the Year, 2004 (vs. Australia in Durban)
  • Currie Cup winner with the Blue Bulls, 2002, 2004 & 2009
  • Tri-Nations winner, 2004 & 2009
  • IRB Player of the Year nominee, 2004 & 2009
  • Super 14 winner with the Blue Bulls, 2007 & 2009
  • Member of the World Cup winning Springbok squad, 2007
  • British & Irish Lions series winner, 2009
  • Most capped lock in Springbok history
  • Third most capped Springbok in history
  • Holds World record with Bakkies Botha for most Tests as a lock combination in the starting line-up