Chubb Vigne
Full names: James Talbot
Date of birth: 23 Dec 1868
Place of birth: Fort Beaufort
School: New College
Springbok no: 3
Debut test province: Transvaal
Date of death: 9 Apr 1955 (Age 86)

Test summary: Tests: 3 Tries: 0
First Test: 30 Jul 1891 Age:22 Outside Centre against Britain at Crusaders (St George's Park), Port Elizabeth
Last Test: 5 Sep 1891 Age:22 Outside Centre against Britain at Newlands, Cape Town
Test history:
30 Jul 189122Outside CentreBritainLose: 0-4 Crusaders (St George's Park), Port ElizabethTvl
29 Aug 189122Outside CentreBritainLose: 0-3 Eclectic Cricket Ground, KimberleyTvl
05 Sep 189122Outside CentreBritainLose: 0-4 Newlands, Cape TownTvl

Chubb Vigne : Doc Craven

When Chubb Vigne played in 1891, a team had only one centre. Chubb filled this position in all three test matches played against our first visitors from abroad.

After his test career he owned a furniture shop in Kimberley and when I started looking up the older Springboks I was dubious whether Chubb would like to be bothered. However when I approached him he was courtesy itself.

I said my name was Craven and that I wanted to talk to him about the 1891 series. He replied: "Come in, my boy." And he gave me all the time I needed.

Vigne apparently always wore a black suit, as I noticed when we sat down for tea. We discussed the one-point try in his days and he told me how good MacLagan's team was and also why Kimberley had deserved to be given the trophy presented by Sir Donald Currie for the best performance against the touring side.

He mentioned some interesting things about the other players; he regarded himself as a spare part, which of course he was not.

Among his delightful anecdotes was the following: "I would often return to the clubhouse after a match and have a few beers, and sometimes a few beers too many.

However, one evening I told everyone at the club that I would not be drinking anymore and I had nothing to drink that particular evening. On my way home, however, I stepped off the pavement and sprained my ankle. I was obliged to sit down on the pavement to recover from the sudden wrench.

As it happened a prominent member of the club was passing at that moment and said "Chubb Vigne! - not again!!!"

I was so disgusted that I returned to the club and sank a few beers!"